Residential Extensions and Permitted Development

How can I check what is permitted development?

The Planning Portal has a very useful collection of interactive guides that explain what is, and isn't, permitted development. These can be accessed by navigating to Please be aware that these guides do not take account of local conditions, or whether permitted development rights have been removed by a planning condition. Contact KLC Architects to enquire whether your property works in London or Nationwide can be undertaken within permitted development rights

Certificate of Lawfulness

If you have checked the Planning Portal or the legislation and you are still unsure about whether or not your proposal requires planning permission or is permitted development then you may seek formal confirmation by making an application for a certificate of lawful development or use, KLC Architects can assist you in applying for this certificate before you start the work or after it is finished. It is not compulsory to make any such application but if you complete the work and the council subsequently determines that permission was required, the planning enforcement team may request that you make an application for retrospective permission or restore the land or buildings to their former condition.

Article 4 Directions and conservation areas

It should be noted that local planning authorities have the ability to remove permitted development rights. An order to withdraw rights is known as an Article 4 direction — named after the relevant part in the General Permitted Development Order. An Article 4 direction to remove permitted development rights to convert houses into small HMO's is proposed in certain areas in London and Nationwide, Conservation areas also have restrictions on permitted development rights such as a ban on roof extensions or works to any tree without prior consent or notification.