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We are Professional RIBA Architects based on 250 York Road, Battersea, London SW11 3SJ working together with our clients from the begining stages of design through to practical completion. KLC Architects recognise the dreams you want to create so that we can deliver and design your ideal home. 


Even if you think it’s difficult to acquire the refurb/renovation you want, get in touch with us. Chances are we can help and a good fit in saviong you time and money. With years of experience, knowledge and connections, we can work together to deliver your dream home. 



Call us now on 0203 475 8040 to book your FEASIBILITY PHONE CALL for London, Surrey and South West property owners with plans to build, extend or renovate 


Finding The Right Architect To Save You Time And Money


When looking for an architect to help with your project it's really important that you find an architect you like and trust. 

So how to tell if your architect possesses the qualities you need? Tell them what makes your life special, what your personal goals are and what ideas are important to you. See if they are really listening to what you are saying and not simply nodding while thinking “Oh, I've done that before, and I know exactly what they need”.

An architect with integrity will listen to you and respect who you are. And the creative architect will not just hear what you say, but understand what you mean and in the end design for you something far beyond what you might have ever imagined.

It's equally important that we find clients who value the high quality, bespoke service we offer, who understand the benefits of working together and whose projects are big enough and close enough for us to serve cost-effectively.

From our Battersea office we cover most of London and South West of the M25


Request a clarity session and walk away with your super simple one page action plan


We couldn't possibly visit all our potential clients because of the travelling time involved, however we understand that clients need to talk to several Architects to help choose the one that's the best match. So we offer by appointment a free 30min consultation either by telephone or video link. The video link is a very powerful option because we can share screens easily and allows us to see each other!


If that sounds useful, please book your CLARITY SESSION PHONE CALL and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time


How Our Fees Are Calculated 


We calculate our fees as a percentage of the construction cost. This is in effect a fixed fee for a fixed amount of construction cost. If the scope and costs stay the same, there is no change to the fee. However if the cost changes, the fee is automatically adjusted. Construction cost is a good indicator of the work we need to do and so is fair to both the client and us. At the early stages we base our fees on the agreed construction budget.


The percentage varies with the complexity of the work. Working on existing buildings is more complex than new buildings. Work to listed buildings is higher because of the complexity of integrating new work with the historic fabric.


Budget Cost The #1 Question …


The range of building costs varies a lot because of the potential differences from project to project. The most dreaded question architects, builders are asked has got to be, ‘how much will my project cost'? 

There are so many variables that a definitive answer is literally impossible. But as a guide for extensions for instance, the range of cost is £1700-2700/m2 excl vat

So if you work out the approximate internal dimensions of your extension project and multiply them to get the area you can use these rates to give you an idea of the cost range