KLC Architects are working in collaboration with Arthur Architects Based in Richmond and assisting with the renovation and extension works to a property in Hammersmith and Fulham.

The application site is a 4 bedroom mid-terrace property and sits on the northern side of the Street. Similar residential properties surround the site and similar extensions are found in the local area. The property also lies within a conservation area, the Crabtree conservation area.

The works consist of a side infill ground floor extension to provide additional living space to provide additional Kitchen and living space.

There are no changes to the existing first and second floors in the existing building. The new ground floor side infill extension will be finished in reclaimed London stock brick to match the existing building, powder coated aluminum bi-fold doors that open out towards the rear garden, with 2 rooflights to the sloping roof above the new kitchen area. The side infill is 2700mm high from external level to the eaves to match the neighbouring property next door  which also has an existing side infill extension.

The side infill extension will be finished with a parapet wall approx. 2800mm at the lowest point and 3400mm to the highest part to bond with the existing flat roof parapet wall.

A void of 1300mm is maintained between the main building and side infill extension to allow natural light and ventilation into the proposed Lounge area and W/C, which we feel, also reduces the impact of the extension

The proposed design and materials are designed to match and enhance the existing building.

Access to and from the property is from the front and will remain unchanged.