The #1 cause of budget over runs is rushing to the design phase before completing research and analysis. This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive and unnecessary.

The solution is successful planning. This is why we created the Project Planning Pack. If you follow this tool, you will reduce project risk and improve project design

01. Building Project Roadmap
Review the roadmap and identify where you are on your journey. This is where you are gathering information and playing around with ideas. At the point you want to get serious, you will want to check the feasibility of your ideas and understand what the project constraints are.

Road Map PPP

02. Building Experts Directory
Directory of professionals who can help you at each stage of your design and building process. Understanding WHAT to do is one obstacle and working out WHO can help you is another.

Directory PPP

03. Building Cost Estimator
Simple do‐it‐yourself worksheet to estimate your building project. The most dreaded question architects, builders and every other professional hates has got to be, ‘how much will my project cost'? There are so many variables that a definitive answer is literally impossible. Even worse, the consequences of trying to answer and risk giving ‘bad advice’ will have most experts running away to avoid the question. To find our more and in detail by clicking here to Get the Project Planning Pack 

04. FAQs & SAQs
Frequently‐asked questions and should‐ask questions you need to know about working with an architect. 

Finding the RIGHT ARCHITECT for you depends on several factors, including: personality, design style, building for taste or to make money, budget and even whether your project requires a specialist skill set. Choosing the right architect can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and one plagued with problems and hassles the whole way through once a project moves into the Build

To find out the last 3 solutions, Get the Project Planning Pack for Free before You Start Your Building Project!