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Project Description


Whilst engaged by the lead Architect at Arthur Architects whom KLC Architects provided services on a sub-contract basis and continuosly provided and collaborated on a regular basis, the client/developer purchased the property comprising an old a terraced house located on the southern side of Lower Richmond road. The surrounding area is predominately residential and is characterized by terrace dwellings of a similar style and design. Rear extensions are evident within the immediate and wider area.


We reduced planning decision duration by submitting two applications, with prior notification as one and permitted development to the another. This enabled us to provide the client with a low risk time restriction and begin to construction drawings. Luckily, both were approved and just a month later we started construction. 



Through our long-standing relationship with Richmond Officers and liaising with the case officer during the planning process, we were able to obtain planning permission

Ground Floor Rear Extension

The requirement is to extend the rear ground with a sloping roof with roof tiles and bi-folding doors to the rear. We were also able to propose a downstairs W/C and utility to the rear which included boiler and mega-flow tank.

The kitchen was fitted out in a granite worktop with a warm monochrome finish throughout. The extension was deep enough to also cater for an island unit in the centre with rooflight above.

Loft Extension

The requirement was to extend the loft with a vertical dormer under permitted guidelines. The dormer projects towards the rear and with an extra bedroom and ensuite. Velux Rooflights added to the front dormer. A walk in wardrobe was added to the front sloping roof giving the client extra space for storage.

Overall, the client/developers were overjoyed with the end result.



Architect. Completed in 2018


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