Project Planning Workbook

#1 Problem: Projects going over time and over budget. On a daily basis, KLC Architects see people moving projects into the design phase before the research is started. This is like a doctor starting surgery without a thorough diagnosis or trying to build a house on a bad foundation. That is why KLC Architects created the Rapid Project Planning Pack and Workbook. Now, you have a simple process to help you move through the Research Phase. If you follow this tool, you will reduce project risk and improve project design.

The Roadmap
This is important … please read carefully. Right now, you should be in the Research
Phase. This is where you are gathering information and playing around with ideas. At the point you want to get serious, you will want to check the feasibility of your ideas and understand what the project constraints are. If you work with KLC Architects we will move to the
Analysis Phase by conducting a Needs and Options Review to eliminate assumptions, identify constraints and find your best options. You will receive a document that can be used by me or any other architect that will ensure you reduce project risk and get the best options for your site and budget.

Here is what you get:

  • Road map that shows you the design and construction process from start to finish
  • Our handpicked list of experts who can help you at each stage of the process
  • Cost guide worksheet that gives you a ballpark cost estimate for your project
  • Project specific checklists for key tasks
  • One-on-one free 30minute consultation with an expert to answer your questions and point you towards the right people and resources
  • Monthly email tips and strategies to maximise your success

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