Planning Applications

KLC Architects can provide advice on all forms of planning applications and advise on which other consultants will be required to submit supporting information for planning applications. Together with this information we are able to submit all the required documentation as part of the planning application process. We have worked with a number of Local Council Authorities across the country and in particular have a great deal of experience working with all the London Council Authorities.

Our Architects prepare drawings and submit applications to the Local Authority’s Planning 
Department to obtain permissions. 

Typical types of permissions include Full Planning Permission, Certificate of Lawful Use or Development, Listed Buildings Consent, & Conservation Area Consent from:

   New Builds homes and flats

KLC Architects liaise with the Planning Officer and Conservation Officer and other parties to make the process as smooth as possible in obtaining the required permissions and statutory requirements.

Process Of A Planning Application

When KLC Architects have submitted your application, The Local Authority will write to you to acknowledge that they have received it. If you have submitted your application with all the appropriate information it will be assigned to a case officer whose contact details will be set out in the letter, if there is important information missing from your application, such as the correct fee or reasonable drawings, your application will be held in abeyance  (invalidated). If that is the case, The Local Authority will write to you explaining clearly what information you will need to submit in order for your application to be registered which we can assist you with. KLC Architects all be liaising with the Local Authority and keep you updated on the progress of the application.

Who else is involved?

The Local Authority will write to your immediate neighbours explaining your proposal and asking for their comments. Your neighbour will have 21 days to respond to this consultation letter and submit their comments. This is the statutory minimum timeframe for consultation. Whilst the Local Authority will accept comments made between the end of the statutory consultation period and the date when the Local Authority make the decision officers will have less time to compile any comments made.


Who decides whether planning permission should be granted or not?

How your application is decided is determined by the complexity and acceptability of the proposals when considered against planning policies. They also have to take into account comments

received from neighbouring residents as well as from other organisations such as the London Mayor, the Environment Agency or Historic England, depending on the size and type of application. Approximately 95% of all the planning applications submitted to Hounslow are determined by senior officers in accordance with the council's agreement of delegation. The remaining 5% of planning applications are dealt with by the councillors who make up the council's Planning Committee. Planning applications dealt with by the Committee will normally be large and complex with legal obligations under sl06, or those which are a departure from the development plan.

Pending List

Some Council Authorities have a specific procedure for dealing with applications. A Pending List is produced every week and published on the council's website. It is also circulated to all councillors and amenity societies that are interested in planning issues. KLC Architects update you throughout the process until the decision date.

Summaries of 5 categories of application are put on this list:

  • If an objection is received,
  • If officers are minded to refuse an application, and officers are minded to approve,
  • if it is council owned development
  • if it is a major application,
  • if officers intend to proceed with enforcement action Applications can be called in by ward members or amenity societies to the relevant Area Forum for further discussion.